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What is a High Definition Digital HD Receiver?

An External Digital HD Receiver is needed to receive High Definition Television Signals. A Digital HDTV Receiver (also known as a tuner or digital converter box) is also needed to properly display DVD’s. You only have until early 2009 to get the proper converter box to ensure you are able to continue to receive your TV signal.


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Digital HD Receiver Coupons Now Available

The Federal government is providing coupons worth $40 toward the cost of buying a digital HDTV converter box. The current broadcasts will cease on Feb. 18, 2009. If you do not own an HDTV or have a converter box or digital receiver by that date, you will have no television - unless you get cable or satellite television.

How Do I Receive Digital Broadcasts If I Don’t Subscribe To Cable Or Satellite?

If you receive only free over-the-air television programming, the type of TV you own, either a digital TV or an analog TV, is very important. Consumers who receive only free over-the-air television may view digital programming through a TV set with a built-in receiver (integrated DTV) or a digital-ready monitor with a separate digital tuner set-top box. (Both of these digital television types are referred to as a DTV). The only additional equipment required to view over-the-air digital programming with a DTV is a regular antenna, either on your roof or a smaller version on your TV such as “rabbit ears.” If you have an analog television, you will have to purchase a digital-to-analog set-top receiver or converter box to attach to your TV set to be able to view over-the-air digital programming.

HDTV Deadline: All Your Questions, Answered.

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